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14 Wacky “Facts” Kids Will Learn in Louisiana’s Voucher Schools | Mother Jones

Thanks to a new law privatizing public education in Louisiana, Bible-based curriculum can now indoctrinate young, pliant minds with the good news of the Lord—all on the state taxpayers’ dime.

Dr Cintli: Death threats, Censorship and the Aztec Calendar

After the January 2012 dismantling of Tucson’s Mexican American Studies (MAS) department by TUSD’s governing board, my colleague Norma Gonzalez at MAS-TUSD was forced to take down the image of the Aztec Calendar as she was teaching it, purportedly because it contained Mexican history and culture.

Don’t Go There, Matt – Don’t be an Indian Giver – Native News Network

* Note: What’s next, is Savannah Guthrie going to brag about “nigger-rigging” something at home? What is it about morning talk shows that people think they can let their guard down? And, why do they think American Indians are fair game? Matt Lauer Tells Meredith ‘Don’t be an Indian Giver’Matt Lauer During Olympic Coverage

The Sense of White Supremacy » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Yesterday morning the orgies of the lone gunman took hold in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, a town in the dragnet of Milwaukee. He targeted a Gurdwara, the religious home of the local Sikh community. The gunman entered the Gurdwara, and as if in mimicry of the school shootings, stalked the worshippers in the halls of the … Continue reading

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