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Kill the Indians, Then Copy Them –

JUST over a week ago, a handful of Senator Scott P. Brown’s supporters gathered in Boston to protest his opponent, Elizabeth Warren. The crowd — making Indian war whoops and tomahawk chops — was ridiculing what Mr. Brown, Republican of Massachusetts, called the “offense” of Ms. Warren’s claim that she has Cherokee and Delaware ancestry.

Acuña: The answer is blowing in the wind | mexmigration: History and Politics of Mexican Immigration

Writing books and writing blogs are similar. They should be truthful. If they were not the author loses credibility and his/her ability to convince suffers. This is how it should be. But Arizona is testing this rule of thumb.

Brainwashed by Junk Food? New Study Reveals Fast-Food Logos “Imprinted” in Children’s Minds | Alternet

Do your children light up when they see those golden arches?

U. S. Anti-Indian Law: A Question of Legitimacy –

Let me be crystal clear: The anti-Indian, federal Indian law idea-system has no legitimacy when viewed from the perspective of our original existence as the free and independent nations and peoples of this part of the world. Our peoples long predate the dominating Christian European invasion of this continent and hemisphere, an invasion that produced … Continue reading

Seven Examples of a “Police State,” and How They Are Appearing in the US

* Note: Excellent analysis, but somebody needs to tell this guy that we have been living under a Police State since 1492… “Has the United States become a police state?” That’s the stark question I was asked at the beginning of a recent radio interview.

Against Creation: Alarming Results of Secret Study on Transgenic Maize Revealed

For generations, corn has played a central role in the lives of Indigenous Peoples, not only as a sacred food but as a central figure in creation itself.

Shocking Stories of Loss Motivate Mourners of Mexico’s Drug War Victims to Hold the U.S. Responsible | Alternet

In Mexico, where the authorities and the drug cartels are hard to separate, finding answers is often left to the survivors of drug war violence. Some survivors have dug through mass graves, turning over mutilated bodies, half-hoping to see the face of a loved one. Others have stared their children’s killers in the eye while … Continue reading

Revealed: World’s Most Predatory Company is Poisoning You | Alternet

Although I generally refrain from posting on Big Ag, I have a special interest in Monsanto. Last year, I had wanted to devise a list or ranking of top predatory companies, but could not find a way to make the tally sufficiently objective to be as useful in calling them out as it ought to … Continue reading

The Slash Marks of White Supremacy » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

He lectured me. “It would be so much better if y’all quit raising these kinds of issues and helped the City instead of hurting the City.” And on and on. He was talking about the protests of the new Nathan Bedford Forrest Monument being constructed in Selma’s Live Oak Cemetery. He is White, and I … Continue reading

On Stealing from Farm Workers | mexmigration: History and Politics of Mexican Immigration

One morning earlier this year, in the borderland town of Brawley, California, 75-year-old Ignacio Villalobos perched on a chair in his trailer, removed a plastic bag from the well of a rubber boot, and finished dressing for work. Dawn was still an hour away, and in the wan light of the kitchen, Villalobos took off … Continue reading

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