• Maintaining Aztec Agriculture

    [ ] via Citylab As twilight hits the southern edge of Mexico City, campesinos (peasant farmers) glide through narrow canals between pastures as they make their way [...]
  • The Aztecs of Santa Fe

    [ ] The barrio of Analco in Santa Fe, New Mexico was settled by Mesoamerican colonists who had been taken to New Mexico by the Spanish. Learn more about this [...]
  • The Aztec Midwife

    [ ] via NatGeo Much of what is known of Aztec society comes from a book written by Bernardino de Sahagún, a Spanish friar living near what is now Mexico City. [...]
  • Recreating Mixteca Weaponry

    The 60 replicas of weapons that make up the exhibition, organized by INAH, through the Proyecto Arqueologico Mixteca Alta Oaxaquena y Atlatl Mexico, are a selection that [...]

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