• Is there a symbol for “Teotl?”

    [ Kurly Tlapoyawa ] In my book Our Slippery Earth: Nawa Philosophy in the Modern Age, I discuss the concept of Teotl and how it relates to the Mesoamerican philosophical [...]
  • This is America.

    [ Kurly Tlapoyawa ] A bizarre and hate–fueled event unfolded in Washington DC, following the Indigenous People’s March on Friday, January 18th. The trouble began [...]
  • We must defend greater Chaco!

    Santa Fe, N.M. — Over 200 clean air and water advocates rallied in front of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) state office in Santa Fe today to protest the December [...]
  • Panketzaliztli: Raising of Banners

    The feast of Panketzaliztli celebrates the winter solstice and the birth of the new Sun as Witzilopochtli (Hummingbird on the Left), one of the principal Teteoh honored by [...]

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