Wixarika Statement to Mexican Government and all of Humanity

Wirikuta is a desert valley in the North of Mexico, in San Luis Potosi. It not only has been recognized by UNESCO as a natural and sacred area, Wirikuta is the most sacred place for the Huichol [Wixarika] people. The Valley of Wirikuta is where the world began. It was there where the sun rose for the first time. Every year, the Huichol communities, inhabiting different parts of Mexico, undertake a 400km pilgrimage to their sacred Valley. The Mexican President, earlier promising to safeguard their culture and territory,has just yielded 22 concessions for open pit mining to the Canadian enterprise First Majestic Silver Corp.

That is 6,000 acres of their ancestral territory, 50% of such desert.

To this events, the Huichol people make the following declaration to the Mexican government and to all humanity.

FULL ARTICLE: Wixarika Statement to Mexican Government and all of Humanity.

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