Students of UNIDOS Protest for Right to Education in AZ | IMAGINE 2050

On January 24, United Non-Discriminatory Individuals Demanding Our Studies (UNIDOS) staged protests in Tucson, Arizona, and presented plans to create a community grown School of Ethnic Studies, all as a way to reclaim their education. UNIDOS’s was formed after Arizona passed HB 2281, which bans ethnic studies programs in public schools, in the summer of 2010.

UNIDOS has been at the forefront of the battle against the ban on ethnic studies since it passed. UNIDOS and its supporters held a peaceful all-night vigil outside the Tucson United School District (TUSD) building, and conducted their own audit to review the positive impacts of ethnic studies. At the time, they found that ethnic studies had reversed national trends of drop-out rates and low achievement. The audit included testimonies from various college-bound students in the Mexican American Studies program.

“Ethnic studies played a vital role in my success as both a student and a member of the community. It provided me with the quality education that allowed me to make University of Arizona an option in my college career. Without Ethnic Studies, I wouldn’t have the tools I need in order to succeed at the university level,” said Gabriel Rocha, a University of Arizona Architecture student.

UNIDOS, in addition to creating a school where children could learn about their ancestors and culture, created a ten point resolution to keep ethnic studies in their schools:

FULL ARTICLE: Students of UNIDOS Protest for Right to Education in AZ | IMAGINE 2050.

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