Barton: ‘We’ve Never Been a Colonialist Nation’ |

*Mexikaresistance note" "Never been a colonialist nation?" Seriously? More squatter-baby lies designed to rewrite history. This is a focused effort to distort the true nature of this country, and erase all Nikan Titlakah claims to this land all together.
Today on WallBuildersLive, right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton proved once again why no one should trust what he says about American history, as he argued that the United States has “never been a colonialist nation” and “never gone out to conquer others and make ourselves bigger.” Surely, this must come as a surprise to the Native Americans and Mexicans, along with the people of the Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. While he is correct to note that George Washington spoke out against an interventionist foreign policy, Barton appears to gloss over America’s wars of aggression and acquisition.

FULL STORY: Barton: ‘We’ve Never Been a Colonialist Nation’ |

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