Quit being a “sovereign nation,” and become Americans.

* note: Typical racist trash spewing forth from the mouth of a squatter-baby. Become "Americans" We are PRE-American, and we will still be here when "America" is a distant memory.
Whenever someone says. "the issue is more complex than that," I hold tight to my wallet. Actually, most often the correct answer is simple. Several years ago, American residents of California, voted to allow our sovereign nation neighbors to develop gaming casinos. This is something we Americans are prohibited, by law, from doing. I believe that most of us thought this was a good idea to perhaps redress the unacceptable treatment our predecessors had wrought upon their predecessors.

Now we watch as our neighbors, a sovereign nation, self destructs with accusations of greed, fraud and power. How sad.

I have become concerned because of recent developments where our Sovereign Nation neighbors are taking profits from their gaming business and going into competition with non-sovereign nation businesses. If we can’t compete with our sovereign neighbors in the gaming business, how can they, by law, compete with non-tribal citizens in non-gaming business?

As is too often the case, the problem lies squarely at the feet of our federal government. “Washington” allowed sovereign nations to remain within our borders long after the “Indian Wars” were over. Now, we “allow” these people a portion of our taxes and ask nothing in return. Our sovereign neighbors, like many who receive money for nothing, begin to think they have dominion. Our sovereign neighbors have all the rights we do plus extra rights as a sovereign nation. Sounds kinda’ like Congress.

Disenrollment, really? Are they going to deport their disenrolled members from the sovereign nation? What’s to become of them? Where will they go? Are they to become simply Americans like the rest of us or do they have to immigrate? How sad.

I was fortunate to work for our local sovereign nation, Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino, for almost six years. During my tenure I developed great mutual respect and friendship with many tribal members. I was laid off with more than 50 others in May 2010. While there, I attended classes regarding “Native American Employment.” Employment laws and rules regarding Indian gaming employment really are different than our state and federal regulations. What surprised me during some of these classes was when some well respected tribal members expressed anger and resentment towards the “European Invaders.” They preferred “The Old Ways.”

There is strong pride within our sovereign nation neighbors. They strongly defend their traditions and work hard to ensure that their children learn the “old ways.” Why? Now please forgive me, but they own a beautiful, multi-million dollar casino and they are angry that they can no longer gather acorns, hunt wild game for food and clothing and gather sufficient firewood to cook with and keep warm?

FULL ARTICLE: The Chukchansi solution.

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