Underreported Struggles #59, February 2012

In This Month's Underreported Struggles: Malaysian communities demand halt to twelve proposed dams; Mexico judiciary rules in favor of the Wixarika; New bill proposed in Israel would turn Prawer Plan into law;new land deal in Paraguay ensures long-displaced Enxet community can go home.

Featured: Prey Lang’s Hope For a Sustainable Future – Prey Lang, ‘Our Forest’ in the indigenous Kuy language, is a precious and important example of evergreen and semi-evergreen forest. Covering 3,600 square kilometres between the Mekong and Stung Sen rivers of Cambodia, it is the last of its kind on the Indo-Chinese peninsula. It is a haven for flora and fauna, including several endangered species. It is also under attack.

Underreported Struggles, February 2012

The Wixarika people, after campaigning for seventeen straight months to protect their sacred territory, have been granted a major reprieve by the federal courts in Mexico. As of this moment, the intention to exploit natural resources through 38 mineral concessions in the sacred territory of Wirikuta is suspended; and no further mining permits can be granted as long as the core of the matter (the Wixarika’a concerns) remains unresolved.

Indigenous activists in Taiwan sent up smoke signals in a symbolic action demanding that the government make amends for wrongful policies against indigenous peoples and create an inclusive constitution for all who live on the island. The annual relay of smoke signals was taken up by 46 indigenous communities. In response, the Council of Indigenous Peoples said the government will heed the call of tribal peoples for self rule and do its best to help resolve the issue of systematic encroachment of their traditional lands.

FULL ARTICLE: Underreported Struggles #59, February 2012.

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