Nativists, “Anti-HB 56 March Trivializes Civil Rights Protests of the Past” | IMAGINE 2050

True to its bigoted, anti-immigrant agenda, the John Tanton Network is once again attempting to foster disunity among African American, Black, and immigrant communities.

In his article from last week in The Daily Caller, “Anti-HB 56 march trivializes civil rights protests of the past,” African American Dr. Frank Morris writes that the Alabama law HB 56 and the resulting aftermath “does not affect people based on their race or ethnicity, but rather based on their actions.” Mr. Morris’s flawed analysis of the draconian law is aligned with the principles of the Tanton Network, as he downplays the true nature and impact of structural racism in America. Instead, he prefers to mock efforts to fight the law, painting them as a stark denigration of Southern civil rights marches of the mid-1960s.

Dr. Morris is a major player in the Tanton Network and is currently serving as vice president of Progressives for Immigration Reform (PFIR). He also holds seats on the boards of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). Morris also headed up the now defunct Choose Black America, a FAIR front group charged with recruiting African American and Black leadership and with attempting to hijack the national immigration debate.

It is critical that African American and Blacks intentionally speak to the false notions spewed by the anti-immigrant movement in order to ensure a civil, progressive, and inclusive national immigration debate. Exposing the truth about the anti-immigrant movement–particularly the insidious cohort organizations of the Tanton Network–is a priority.

FULL ARTICLE: Nativists, “Anti-HB 56 March Trivializes Civil Rights Protests of the Past” | IMAGINE 2050.

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