Tinfoil Hat Alert! Climate Change Deniers Easily Fooled | Addicting Info

* Note: Turns out people who believe in one crazy, unsubstantiated thing will believe in them all! The conspiracy theory regarding the recent Colorado shootings is a perfect example of people being willing to believe stupid things.
Do you deny Climate Change? Do you think the Illuminati are plotting a New World Order? Do you believe that there are top-secret planes spraying chemicals into the atmosphere in order to use the HAARP program for world domination? If you believe one of these, you likely believe them all, new research finds.

The next issue of Psychological Science includes a piece on how the disbelief of climate change is found among the same people who also believe other conspiracy theories. The fact that climate change is backed by thousands of peer-reviewed research papers with gigabytes upon gigabytes of data to back it up means nothing to them. They put it with conspiracies that have no credible evidence, many times with only some blogger or YouTube video proclaiming it as true.

What the researchers did was to survey the readers of eight websites discussing climate change. The questionnaire was taken by a wide variety of readers, with over 1000 people returning their survey. What their research uncovered was that those who disbelieved in climate change being human-caused also were likely to endorse conspiracy theories as well as support laissez-faire free-market economic concepts.

Five climate skeptic websites were also approached but turned down the opportunity. Being that these websites often times claim that their views are excluded from mainstream debates, this is remarkable in and of itself.

In response after response, they found that if a person believed in conspiracies, such as the moon landings being faked, that the CIA killed the Rev. Martin-Luther King Jr, or that cigarettes do not cause cancer; and it did not matter the conspiracy either, from HIV conspiracies to 9/11, if one could fall into a belief of such conspiracy, they were likely to be victim to multiple.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: Tinfoil Hat Alert! Climate Change Deniers Easily Fooled | Addicting Info.

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