The GAP cancels entire “Final Solution” line of t-shirts

The public outcry recently sparked by designer Mark McNairy’s “Manifest Destiny” t-shirt has led to the shirt being pulled from sales racks at the Gap. As a result, the Gap is cancelling their entire line of t-shirts in what was to be their signature “Final Solution” collection.

Indian sign language symbol for “I’m an asshole.”

“Guess people aren’t as wild about genocide as we had hoped,” an unidentified Gap spokesperson was reported as saying. “Which is a damn shame, because we had some great designs planned which we felt would appeal to the coveted “racist hipster douche” demographic currently locked up by Urban Outfitters.”

The news came as a shock to loyal customers. A bewildered shopper and drum circle enthusiast known only as “Moon Raven” expressed outrage over the news. “This is such bullshit,” Mr. Raven said. “How dare they accuse me of being a racist for rocking such stylish Aryan attire! My Grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee Princess, and if I say this isn’t racist, then it isn’t racist. These guys are the ones talking about race, so it sounds to me like they are the racists. Racists against fashion.”

Cancelled t-shirts in the line include designs emblazoned with slogans such as “Lynch Mob,” “Final Solution,” “Indian Killer,” and the popular “Hitler Was Right.” Look for dumped shirts to soon begin appearing at Swap Meets and Flea Markets across the nation.

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