The App Designed To Teach The Whole World The Indigenous Language Náhuatl

This week, “Let’s Learn Náhuatl” (Ma tiwelikan nawatl), was officially released, an app created to teach and preserve the indigenous Mexican Nahuatl language. “

In a sub-conscious way, you’ll know some Náhuatl , you’ll have heard the greetings, numbers, some verbs, maybe the animals, body parts, types of maize or scared places that govern the Nahuatl world.” The project is the result of a collaboration between Manuvo, the National Institute of Indigenous Languages, and the Laboratory of Digital Citizenship, and offers a playful experience for those interested in learning Náhuatl words and expressions (which originated in Acatlán, Guerrero).

The graphics were designed by the design collective Metzican who created all the visuals that accompany the application. They highlight the nuances between the various Mexican communities whilst carefully avoiding clichés.

ENTIRE STORY HERE: The App Designed To Teach The Whole World The Indigenous Language Náhuatl


Download the app here:

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