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Ruben Arellano Tlakatekatl is a scholar, activist, and professor of history. His research explores Chicana/Chicano indigeneity, Mexican indigenist nationalism, Coahuiltecan identity resurgence, and the subaltern history of Texas. Other areas of research include Aztlan (US Southwest), Anawak (Mesoamerica), and Native North America. He has presented and published widely on these topics and has taught courses at various institutions. He currently teaches history at Dallas College – Mountain View Campus.

Mexika Woo: Part 1

[ ] By Tlakatekatl [Update 6/3/19: minor revisions] The following is “Part 1” of a multipart essay on the deep history of Western esotericism and its influence [...]

May 23, 2018 // 1 Comment

Aztecs at the Pow Wow

[ Tlakatekatl ] It was summer and the year was 2001. Still a young man, I had just completed my first year as a danza neophyte, and I was extremely excited to have finally [...]

October 27, 2017 // 0 Comments