Destroy All Humans! The Secret Satan Spawned Plot Of Environmentalists (According To The Insane Right Wing) | Addicting Info

It’s true! All of those damn tree hugging hippies are actually the pawns of Ol’ Scratch himself! They SAY that they want to save the Spotted Owl and the rare but beautiful Three Pronged Jumping Hump beetle (OK, I made that up) but what they REALLY want is to exterminate mankind!!

A few days before Earth Day, religious right wing nut job Bryan Fischer warned his mindless sheep brainwashed idiots listeners that environmentalists were out to get them:

That’s why I want you to understand that the environmental movement is fundamentally anti-human, it is fundamentally anti-human. And this bears the imprint of the Father of Lies because the Father of Lies, remember hates human beings. Why? Because we are made in the image of God. He wants to stamp out human beings because we remind him God. Well, environmentalists have the same exact agenda: they want to wipe humanity off the face of the globe. Do not be deceived about this; this is the ultimate goal of the environmentalists.

It’s all so clear to me now! By maintaining biodiversity, clean air and water, environmentalists will make the world so pollution free that our preservative riddled bodies will collapse from the strain of trying to be healthy! That must mean that polluting the atmosphere is God’s Will!

Fischer is not the first conspiracy theory freak to go down this road. Glenn Beck put forth the idea that the “Green Movement” thinks that humans are a virus to be limited through forced abortion and sterilization. Now, I will admit that I hear some liberals bark about how we’re killing the planet and those people irritate me greatly. We are not capable of killing the planet. It’s survived at least two complete changes in the chemical composition of its atmosphere (Oxygen, introduced by plant life, was a poison to the life forms that came first). Several mass extinctions have wiped out the vast majority of life on the Earth. Hell, even if you go with Noah’s Flood, life still survived and thrived. So complaining that we’re destroying the Earth is silly.

FULL ARTICLE: Destroy All Humans! The Secret Satan Spawned Plot Of Environmentalists (According To The Insane Right Wing) | Addicting Info.

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