FBI: Washington White Supremacist Plotted to Kill Obama in 2010 | Hatewatch | Southern Poverty Law Center

The FBI in 2010 disrupted what its agents now believe was a terrorist plot that involved killing President Obama, according to testimony and court documents filed in U.S. District Court in Spokane, Wash. The revelation came at the two-day sentencing hearing for white supremacist Wayde Lynn Kurt, the accused mastermind of an alleged plot that was foiled with his arrest on federal firearms and forgery charges.

At the time of his arrest on Aug. 30, 2010, Kurt was associated with a gang of violent neo-Nazi skinheads and white supremacist Odinists who proudly talked of carrying out “coon-hunting” racial attacks in the Pacific Northwest. Their conversations were captured on a videotape that was later turned over to the FBI and shown in court during Kurt’s sentencing hearing.

“I believe Mr. Kurt had a terrorist plan that involved the president of the United States,” FBI Special Agent Joseph Cleary testified Thursday.

U.S. District Court Judge Frem Nielsen granted prosecutors’ request at the hearing for a “terrorism enhancement” to Kurt’s prison sentence. The judge ruled that Kurt’s activities met the definition of terrorism after hearing testimony that included newly released excerpts from secret tape recordings from conversations Kurt had with an FBI informant.

“You are a risk to the public because your criminal life is serious,” the judge said today in sentencing Kurt to 13 years in prison – two more than requested by federal prosecutors.

The judge noted the 54-year-old defendant has six prior federal felony convictions and shows no remorse for his acts. During his almost 20 years in federal prison, Kurt associated with other white supremacists and militia leaders and became a high priest – or “gothi” – in the Asatru religion popular with a growing segment or racists.

Kurt’s “final resolution” terrorist plans were given additional credence, federal authorities say, because Kurt is a master counterfeiter who not only made counterfeit currency but embossed driver’s licenses, Social Security cards and other forms of identification. He had 24 different names with his photo on forged Washington state driver’s licenses and even obtained a set of dental records using one of his false identities, investigators said.

But it was his talk of violence with other white supremacists and illegal contact with firearms that concerned the FBI the most, testimony and court documents disclose.

In a conversation recorded on Aug. 12, 2010, Kurt referred to President Obama as “Barry Soetoro,” the name used by those in the so-called birther movement who falsely claim the chief executive wasn’t born in the United States and is actually an Indonesian citizen.

Kurt talks on the tapes about setting up a paramilitary group or “militia-type organization “based loosely on concepts of the Northwest Front headed by Harold Covington” and using polygraphs and voice-stress analyzers to screen prospective members.

Kurt talked about other white supremacist groups, including the Aryan Nations, being bankrupted and put out of business by lawsuits filed by Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center (publisher of this blog).

On the transcript, Kurt boasts that his antigovernment, white separatist militia would avoid such civil suits by leasing buildings and equipment and using debit cards for cash transactions “so (they) can’t even be traced, you know. Morris Dees and his pig shit wouldn’t even be able to figure (it) out.”

Kurt then refers to discussions “about how to rip off nuclear materials,” assassinating the president, replicating the April 1995 deadly attack on the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, suicide missions and using an aircraft to turn a city into an inferno.

“Just fucking, I mean, you know, killing the President of the United States ‘cause he is a fucking nigger and how to do it,” Kurt says on the tape excerpts, admitted as a public court document.

Obama has “got no interest in the United States whatsoever other than running us right into the ground,” Kurt says, quickly adding: “He needs to be killed. He needs to be killed.”

FULL ARTICLE: FBI: Washington White Supremacist Plotted to Kill Obama in 2010 | Hatewatch | Southern Poverty Law Center.

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