Attempts to Re-Segregate Schools in GA Fail | IMAGINE 2050

“Everyone deserves the Freedom to Live, love, and work wherever they please.” – Repeal Coalition, Arizona Georgia’s latest anti-immigrant SB 458, the bill that would bar all undocumented students from attending any school of public higher education, died in the senate earlier this week. The bill was met with grassroots mobilizations led by local immigrant rights organizations and local religious institutions that together spoke out loudly against the bill.

Some of the latest anti-immigrant bills, including Mississippi’s HB 488, did not make it past respective state Senates either. And while this brings some ease to the long struggle for justice, the death of this latest round of anti-immigrant bills is not enough.

For example, Georgia’s Sen. Barry Loudermilk has deep allies within the nativist movement, and he has a history of advocating bills that criminalize and restrict freedom for people of color and women, as well.

Loudermilk consults with Georgia’s “number one” anti-immigrant activist, D.A. King. King founded the Dustin Inman Society, which persistently promotes and pushes anti-immigrant legislation in that state. The Dustin Inman Society is listed as a state contact on the website of hate group Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

FULL ARTICLE: Attempts to Re-Segregate Schools in GA Fail | IMAGINE 2050.

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