Fox Orlando Affiliate Announces Neo-Nazi Group As ‘Civil Rights’ Group (VIDEO) | Addicting Info

In the realm of right-wing philosophy, climate change is a Hollywood invention, tax cuts create jobs, Obama is a secret Muslim Socialist and, fresh out of the Fox News bubble, neo-nazis are apparently in the same category as say your Rosa Parks and W.E.B. Du Bois.

It seems a Fox Orlando affiliate described Neo-Nazis as “a civil rights group” during a tv broadcast and online, thus begging the question: What in hell is going on in Florida? Are the oranges being pumped full of turpentine or something??

The Neo-Nazi group, which apparently is still relevant in 2012, appears to have been running regular armed patrols of the town in which Trayvon Martin was shot. Apparently,George Zimmerman did such a knock up job that a group of stupid and armed haters of everything with metal weapons of death feel that they have to step in and make things right for all the trigger happy neighborhood watchmen out there.

FULL ARTICLE: Fox Orlando Affiliate Announces Neo-Nazi Group As ‘Civil Rights’ Group (VIDEO) | Addicting Info.

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