Senate Republicans Reject ‘Genocide’ to Describe Treatment of American Indians –

* Note: Of course they refuse to call what happened to Nikan Titlakah / Timazewaltin a "genocide." We are the living proof that it is THEY who are the foreigners. The living proof that this is NOT their land. If they acknowledge the horrific things their ancestors did (which they still benefit from),  they would have to admit they they support and endorse MURDER.
It was 1:30 p.m. April 19 when I received a frantic phone call from Colorado State Senator Suzanne Williams, D-Aurora, who said she had less than 24 hours to resurrect the Recognition of the American Indian Genocide resolution of 2008. By noon the next day, the original draft of the new 2012 American Indian Genocide resolution, SJR12-046, was dead on the senate floor, and what was left was a watered-down euphemism that still reeks of sugarcoating and naiveté.

What was contentious to the republican state senators was the use of the word “genocide.” The bevy of right-leaning Reagan fans had nothing but acrimonious things to say about American Indians, including myself, who assert that genocide was inflicted upon the first peoples of this continent.

And the most boisterous polemic of the bunch that day was republican State Senator Ellen Roberts of District 6.

Her argument, which she repeatedly reiterated at the podium, was that she didn’t feel the death of millions of American Indians since Columbus qualified as genocide because American Indians are not extinct.

“When I look up the word ‘exterminate’ it is to destroy totally,” she argued. “And my problem with this resolution is I thank God that we have not destroyed totally the Native American people. And one of my challenges … is (the) wording; that is as if they are extinct, because they are not.”

It is curious then that the day prior Roberts added her name as cosponsor to Senate Joint Resolution 32 – concerning the declaration of April 16 through 22, 2012, as Holocaust Awareness Week.

Today, Germany is home to more than 200,000 Jewish people.

Jews are not extinct.

Then, on the same day Sen. Roberts voted down the American Indian Genocide Resolution, she signed on as cosponsor to Senate Joint Resolution 33 – Concerning the Colorado Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide.

Today, the Armenian population in Armenia is more than 3 million.

Eo ipso, Armenians also are not extinct.

So, naturally, I’m prompted to wonder: How could Sen. Roberts, based on her logic, support two resolutions that recognize the genocide of both the Armenians and Jews when neither group has been expunged completely?


FULL ARTICLE: Senate Republicans Reject ‘Genocide’ to Describe Treatment of American Indians –

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