GOP Set To Make All Women Victims Of Their Bigotry Against Gays, Immigrants, And Native Americans | Addicting Info

“It’s just appalling,” Michele Hughes, the executive director of Life Crisis Center in Salisbury, Md. “One would think that in this day and time that there would not even be a question about something like this. There are women that without these programs would be able to function. There really is a war against women. I am not saying it is Democratic or Republican, just that it exists.”…NYTIMES.COM

Yes, it is not a rumor, it is a fact. The Republican/conservatives have chosen to sink lower than we all thought they could. They are ready to offer their version in the House of Representatives, in an effort to block, distort or change the previously passed Senate action of renewing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

They will be attempting to omit gay, immigrant and Native American women from retaining the rights previously afforded them in the act passed in the Senate version, citing the usual bogus reasons that really will be a cover to their real agenda. That agenda as usual is to marginalize these three segments of the female population with the view that these women are not deserving of the rights and privileges offered them by the very constitution that Republicans/Conservatives say they honor.

This latest assault on the rights of these women are being put forward by a woman, contrary to what you would normally expect from the GOP…that being an attack launched by insecure old white GOP men…as is tradition.

Representative Sandy Adams, Republican of Florida, the author of that chamber’s impending bill, said she was abused as a young bride. “I have experienced it both on a personal level and a law enforcement level,” she said. This experience earlier in life seems to have had the adverse affect on her young mind, causing her to now lash out in this way against other defenseless women, much like she was at that time I’d imagine.

Abuse takes many forms and likewise the resulting effects are extensive and varied. One can only be respectful about a woman’s journey through that violent ordeal and what she has to do to psyche herself up, to rise to the level she needs to go to in order to survive the ordeal. In light of Ms. Adams’ willingness to divulge her past experience, I will leave the decision about what she is trying to do by excluding these other victims of domestic violence, up to the reader.

FULL ARTICLE: GOP Set To Make All Women Victims Of Their Bigotry Against Gays, Immigrants, And Native Americans | Addicting Info.

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