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* Note: Of course members of congress refused to meet with this man. Actually recognizing that this country was established on stolen land, under principles of racism, slavery and genocide would go against the narrative that this country has worked so hard to create.
James Anaya, the United Nations Special Rapporteur, spent twelve days the United States visiting Alaska, Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington State and Washington, DC, talking to indigenous peoples, tribes and nations investigating living conditions of Native people living in the United States.

Unfortunately, he was not afforded the due respect by members of the United States Congress that he received in other countries he has investigated. In numerous other visits to countries, members of the legislative branch have always met with him.

“I regret that my efforts to meet with members of the US Congress were unsuccessful, especially given the prominent role of Congress in defining the status and rights of indigenous peoples within the United States,”

Anaya writes in the “Statement of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” that was released on Friday.

Previously, as the UN Special Rapporteur, Anaya has visited Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Argentina, Botswana, Colombia, Ecuador and Nepal.

According the United Nations’ website, the Special Rapporteur is to “examine ways and means of overcoming existing obstacles to the full and effective protection of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people, in conformity with his/her mandate, and to identify, exchange and promote best practices.”

Additionally, the Special Rapporteur is to “gather, request, receive and exchange information and communications from all relevant sources, including Governments, indigenous people and their communities and organizations, on alleged violations of their human rights and fundamental freedoms” and to “”formulate recommendations and proposals on appropriate measures and activities to prevent and remedy violations.”

via UN Rapporteur Studying Native Concerns Shunned by Congress – Native News Network.

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