The Spirit of the So-Called Liberal Media (SCLM) – Race-Baiting, War-drumming, News for the White Elite Class

The foundational question all journalists – all Americans, for that matter – should be asking is: How news and information should flow through American democracy,and who can access that media? Believe it or not, the founders of the United States, through huge fits, spasms and debates, created the US Postal Office (1774) to move newspapers throughout the land, for hardly anything or nothing at all.

How times have changed since then with media monopolies lobotomizing news, the centralizing of newspaper and broadcast reporting which has created a corporate-protectorate, the looming death of independent publishers and book sellers, thanks partly to Amazon, and the evisceration of US mail delivery service,thanks to spineless Democrats, treasonous Libertarians and reckless Republicans.

In fact, much of the ugliness in the media associated with Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Coulter, Beck and Murdoch and mainstream corporate press shills is just back to the future in this country’s media history.

Let’s flip back 400 years when the first rags, newspapers, called for the murder of the land’s aborigines, inciting the white aliens to take land, burn villages and crucify the “sculking” and “barbarous” Indians and“rebellious Negroes.”

A new book, sort of a first-of-its-kind, takes the reader on that journey to end up here in today’s day and age of a democratic crisis largely created by who controls the media, how people access news and information, and what narratives our citizens are actually “consuming” and why those narratives are slanted, misrepresented or scrubbed altogether by the SCLM – so-called liberal media.

“It is our contention that newspapers, radio, and television played a pivotal role in perpetuating racist views among the general population,” write Juan Gonzales and Jose Torres in their new well researched and necessary book, News for All the People: The Epic Story of Race and the American Media.

What do Torres and Gonzales find out? The history of alternative presses – run by Native Americans, Blacks, Latinos and Asians – has all but vanished, even from the halls of journalism schools. The dig up this amazing history how the vile racism of Manifest Destiny and Empire building, and the supremacist beliefs of lawmakers, thinkers, clergy, and, of course, the editors of the white press did not always go unchallenged in a White-dominated society.

FULL ARTICLE: The Spirit of the So-Called Liberal Media (SCLM) – Race-Baiting, War-drumming, News for the White Elite Class.

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