Artist Puts Fake Gardeners Near Clooney’s House Before Obama Fundraiser – COLORLINES

* Note: I can certainly appreciate what this guy is doing, but I am not crazy about the "we are all American" message. How about "we are PRE-American." Or better yet, a simple "WE ARE INDIGENOUS" would be even better!
Ramiro Gomez says he’s wanted to place his cardboard paintings of Latino domestic workers and gardeners in front of locations that President Obama has visited but it’s just never worked out. But this time around it was different. Obama is expected to arrive in Los Angeles Thursday evening to attend a fundraiser at George Clooney’s house off Laurel Canyon in the Studio City area. Less than a mile away from where Gomez himself is a domestic worker by day.

Gomez, 25, who identifies as a “male nanny,” says he didn’t have to work too hard within his network to find Clooney’s address.

“Every other piece I’ve done has been on a non-news day but today is a busy day,” Gomez told as he was putting his pieces up on a cross-street leading up to Clooney’s home.

The Long Beach Press-Telegram reports that the 150-person guest list includes the likes of Barbra Streisand, Robert Downey Jr., and Tobey Maguire. With tickets reportedly going for $40,000 each, a conservative estimate for tonight’s fundraiser is $6 million.

street-art-ramiro-gardeners.jpgA gardener’s truck drives past Gomez’s street art. (Photo: Jorge Rivas/

Several gardeners’ trucks along with dozens of valet and catering staff that will work the fundraiser tonight drove passed Gomez’s work while I was present. In fact, a white van transporting the staff up the hills picked up workers right in front of Gomez’s work.

“George Clooney being so in favor of rights in Africa and other social issues, I would hope that he understands there are issues at home too,” Gomez went on to say.

FULL ARTICLE: Artist Puts Fake Gardeners Near Clooney’s House Before Obama Fundraiser – COLORLINES.

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