Wixarika slam ‘protection’ measures for their sacred lands

The Mexico government recently announced new measures to protect thousands of acres of land considered sacred by the Wixarika (Huichol) People. Despite being hailed as a victory by the government, Wixarika leaders say it is nothing more than a "media ploy", because it only amounts to one percent of their land. Al Jazeera reports.

For more news and updates, visit the website of the Wirikuta Defense Front

Press Release by the Wixárika Regional Council

*On the eve of the Wirikuta Fest concert, the government’s announcement for the protection of Wirikuta is considered by Wixárika authorities to be incomplete and filled with false information that distorts the reality of the sacred place.

*Mining in the sacred territory of Wirikuta is not canceled.

*First Majestic Silver Corp., through its Mexican affiliate Minera Real Bonanza, cedes mining allotment of 761 hectares and takes advantage of the media coverage for the Wirikuta Fest.

*First Majestic Silver Corp.’s La Luz Mining Project and Minera Real Bonanza continue their course.

*The geographic referencing of sacred altars carried out by the Mexican government was not done with the consensus of the Wixárika people, nor was it consulted in all of the communal assemblies nor by the authorities who reject its results.

*The main mining project (Universo) and the tomato farms that threaten Wirikuta are not considered in the government’s latest act.

FULL ARTICLE HERE: Wixarika slam ‘protection’ measures for their sacred lands.

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