Domeland Security and the Attack of the Drones –

Given that a capitol dome is part of what constitutes domination of and by “the State,” it makes sense to talk in terms of ‘The Domeland,” rather than ‘The Homeland.” If we were living a science fiction story—and often these days it feels as if we are—the narrative could easily include “the Department of Domeland Security.”

Curiously, two news articles appeared within days of each other that deal with recent developments regarding what is typically termed U.S. homeland security. The first was published online June 18, 2012 by Global Research. It is titled “Confronting the American People: Thousands of military drones to be deployed over U.S. mainland,” by Tom Carter. Carter states: “A recent Department of Defense report as well as a number of media investigations have exposed government plans to deploy tens of thousands of drones over the U.S. mainland in the coming years.” The actual figure is some 30,000 drones.

The second article, dated June 20, 2012, is from Indian Country Today Media Network, and is titled, “HR 1505 Passes; Tribal Border and Treaties Await Senate,” by Heather Steinberger. According to Steinberger, the bill has been passed by the U.S. House of Representatives and now goes to the Senate. The bill was authored by Rob Bishop (R-Utah), and, as amended before passage, the legislation authorizes the Department of Homeland Security to assume control over federal lands within 100 miles of the land borders of the United States. The bill reads in part:

The Secretary of the Interior or the Secretary of Agriculture shall not impede, prohibit or restrict activities of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection on land under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Interior or the Secretary of Agriculture to achieve operational control over the international land borders of the United States.

As it now stands, six activities are authorized by the legislation. “The six authorized activities include construction and maintenance of roads; construction and maintenance of fences; vehicle patrols; installation, maintenance and operation of surveillance equipment and sensors; use of aircraft; and deployment of tactical infrastructure, including forward operation bases.” (Emphasis added.)

The above text in italics relates to the prospect of 30,000 military drones, and the bases needed for their operation and deployment, canvassing the skies above the United States. That is, surveillance equipment and sensors, aircraft, and deployment of tactical infrastructure, and forward operation bases.” The Domeland will have never been so secure.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: Domeland Security and the Attack of the Drones –

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