Rep. Steve King: English Only Hearing Thursday & Publishes in White Nationalist Journal | IMAGINE 2050

On Thursday, August 2, 2012, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) will sit in on a Judiciary Committee hearing to—yet again—examine HR 997, the Official English Language Act, that he’s requested take place . Since entering federal office in 2003, King has failed in 5 consecutive attempts to pass the bill—the English Language Unity Act, as he refers to it. This time around two Tanton group leaders will testify: Mauro E. Mujica, Chairman of US English; and Dr. Rosalie Porter, Chairwoman of the Board of the decidedly far-right ProEnglish.

King, who designed & then presented an electrified border fence before Congress and once compared immigration to selective dog-breeding, is a member of the House Immigration Reform Caucus (HIRC), which is backed by the anti-immigrant group Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Those familiar with him know he has never been one to distance himself from bigotry or its proponents—which his repeated, firsthand involvement with ProEnglish and the Tanton Network proves:

King has a piece in the new Summer 2012 issue of the white nationalist publication The Social Contract Journal (TSCJ). TSCJ was founded in 1990 by white nationalist and proponent of eugenics John Tanton, who also founded FAIR in 1979 and ProEnglish in 1994. TSCJ’s editor is Wayne Lutton. At the 1997 gathering of the virulently racist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), Lutton warned: “We [white Americans] are going extinct. You don’t need great interpreters to read the writing on the screen. At no time in the history of civilization has a people disappeared in this way.” (Roy Beck, current head of NumbersUSA and former Washington editor of TSCJ, also spoke at that year’s conference.)

Dr. Rosalie Porter also appears in the new TSCJ.

Porter and King appear alongside two fountainheads of the nativist, white nationalist scene: Peter Brimelow & John Derbyshire.

Brimelow runs, home to some of the country’s most infamous Islamophobes, anti-Semities, and nativists. Derbyshire has called himself a “mild and tolerant racist,” a description that proved a sizable understatement when he was fired from the hard-core conservative publication National Review for penning overtly racist works for another publication. Derbyshire titled one of his recent pieces for VDARE with the following question: “What, Exactly, is Wrong with ‘Racism’?”

Derbyshire was a featured speaker at the 2012 National Conference of Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), which refers to African Americans and Blacks as “a retrograde species of humanity.” Jared Taylor, another long time VDARE contributor, was also a featured speaker this year. Taylor runs American Renaissance, which is generally regarded as the quote-unquote intellectual elite of the racist right.

So how did these four individuals—a US Congressperson representing rural America, an immigrant woman whose group has demanded Puerto Rico adopt English as its official language, and two British born writers who are dedicated activists/speakers within America’s white nationalist scene—all end up in this journal together?

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: Rep. Steve King: English Only Hearing Thursday & Publishes in White Nationalist Journal | IMAGINE 2050.

via Rep. Steve King: English Only Hearing Thursday & Publishes in White Nationalist Journal | IMAGINE 2050.

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